Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 on 10 May 2012, from Hawaii via Instagram

Journey Upcountry
smelling flowers @ lavender farm

Juno loves tropical foliage
 cool seed pod
 Lunch @ the only restaurant around
 happy hour & 1st pineapple
 daddy fun
 Tropical beauty!
ahhhhhhh :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

10 on 10 December 2011

For inspiration and a photography challenge I'm joining the 10 on 10 project.  On the 10th of each month, 10 photos will be taken to represent life on that day.  This project is graciously hosted by A Bit of Sunshine.
Blue Cheese & Pear Tart 

Mint & Butterscotch Fluff

Sterilized again... 
the tools

Baby Girl's quilt from Ama 
An ocean of Books

1st Christmas ornament

where do I get one?

Baby Girl & Daddy
white elephant!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Julianne Noelle

Our lives were forever changed in early August.  Dare I say it was a fantastic labor.  I'd been having mild but regular contractions for two days that were respectful enough to quite down at night for restful sleep in preparation for the sleepless days ahead.  We arrived at the hospital to be checked for labor and were assured that we'd be headed home as I was smiling and walking without difficulty.  To the surprise of the nursing staff we were at 7cm and 90% effaced!  After my water broke the process intensified but I was able to experience a natural labor.  Julianne Noelle entered the world screaming and it was music to our ears!  The nurses allowed Josh to give Julianne her first bath at the bedside.  We have been beaming with joy since that day :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Prayer Answered

After lots of soul searching, heartfelt prayer, escapist travel, and many, many, tears, we were blessed with a pregnancy. The time of trying to conceive was a long and lonely place. But I can already sense that in the rosy glass of retrospect there is a fresh perspective. The love of friends and family shines during heartache. I was fortunate to have friends who had traveled this road before me and companions along the way, as well, to share in the bewilderment of infertility. So many questions arise that cannot be answered. But what I know now is that even if we had not conceived, I have experienced amazing love. My advise to others on this journey is simple: You are not alone - reach out those in your sphere of influence - you may be amazed at the healing that begins with the words or the touch of a friend. 

During the holiday season of 2010 we found out that we had conceived. We already had plans for a three week trip in December and January, and our first ultrasound would be early. On Christmas eve of 2010 we saw for the first time our daughter, along with her strong and steady heartbeat! Joy cannot begin to describe the gift of that ultrasound!  The gift of that Christmas led us to choose her middle name as a constant reminder, Noelle.
Celebrating our final year of marriage pre-children, we took a last minute trip to Santa Barbara in the third trimester. Josh and I attended college, met, and fell in love in Santa Barbara... it's a special place. We still dream of reasons to move back to Santa Barbara!

Morocco, Portugal & Andalucia

This past New Years Josh and I were blessed to take an extended vacation. We visited with family in Morocco and explored southern Spain and Portugal. Below are some treasured moments with family and a few sights from the Fez medina (old city).
We traveled via planes, tranes, bus, moped, and good old fashioned feet! The next series of photos is from Portugal and Spain.